Friday, June 29, 2007

One Happy Kid

Since the site is called 'Clancy Family News' it's only fair that the actual family gets a little exposure. Here is Linny on her first day of Homework Adventure Camp with Ms Margie. After working hard on her reading and math she got to feed the fish (they ate right from her hand!) and hold Ms Margie's bird. Have you ever seen anyone so happy??

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Caroline

Hiya! This is Katie's second oldest daughter, Caroline. I am getting EXTREMELY impatient about this baby coming. At this stage of the game, she can hear me through my mama's big belly and I have asked her politely many, many times to please come out soon but she always ignores me. It is very frustrating to be ignored and impatient. Grrr.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

False Alarm

I'm sorry to get everyone all excited but I saw my doctor today and it turns out I'm actually never going to give birth. I'm just going to be pregnant forever. So I'm looking into some new career options: maternity model, pregnant movie extra, mooring...

Monday, June 25, 2007


That was the one-word text message I got from my good friend Chrissy today. Chrissy and I have due dates just days apart. When I got the note last week that she had delivered her beautiful baby girl a week early, I must confess to a little childbirth envy.
However, today when I got her text I had actually just stirred from a lovely afternoon nap; feet up, pleasant music on the radio, a gentle summer wind in through the window and a book on my lap. Up until then I had been feeling pretty sorry for myself, all pregnant and impatient. Not so much now. Not so much.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manual Labor

If nesting is a sign of impending labor, I ought to drop this puppy in the next half hour or so. This morning for kicks I organized the tupperware. Yesterday I tore up our home office area and put it back together. Linny and I also collected every dirty sock and pair of underwear in the house and washed, dried, folded and put them away. I have made dinners for the freezer, packed the kids' camp bags, serviced the car, paid the bills, taken the dog to the vet and gotten a pedicure and bikini wax. What's left?? Well, this afternoon I moved my efforts to the great outdoors. Trimmed up the gardens and attacked our temporary jungle of a backyard with a weedwhacker. But nary a twinge of a contraction.
My last two pregnancies went 10 and 15 days overdue, so I don't know why I would imagine this one would be any different, but I do. Actually, the way I figure it, I'm owed 25 days, but I'll take 7!

In the meantime, if anyone is in need of some obsessive reorganizing, I'm your girl.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi everyone-
Here is where we will be putting up all of the news of the family, especially the breaking news (any day now!) of Baby Clancy #4's birth. This is my first blog endeavor, so bear with me if it's a little primitive to start!

First Bath

First Bath

Big Girl!

Big Girl!

Naptime with Caroline

Naptime with Caroline

I'm a Big Sister!

I'm a Big Sister!